Search by Sound Tutorial

How to Search?

Classic Meta-Data Search

Each song has proper Meta-Data associated with it. You can search songs by simply typing Artist, Title of the song or Genre into the Search field and pressing ENTER or SEARCH. You can listen to each song of the result list by clicking within the grey bar.

Meta Data Search

Acoustic Similarity Search

Have you found a song that you like with meta-data Search? Then use the similarity feature to find similar sounding songs within the library.

  1. Select a song out of the library via the classic meta-data search
  2. Each displayed result can be played and has the option to “search similar”. This option is provided in the dropdown menu at the side of each displayed result
    Search Similar
  3. Now you get a list of results of the acoustic similarity search. You also see a waveform of the seed song.
  4. Please keep in mind that any meta-data in the search field is added to the Search condition.
    If you want to have a pure acoustic similarity result remove any meta-data from the search field.
  5. If you like a song you can license the track from Getty images. This option is provided in the dropdown menu at the side of each displayed result.

Uploading a Seed Song

You can use any mp3 file as a seed song for similarity Search or Segmented Search. Use therefore the Upload Your Own Track bar.

Uploading Seed Song

Searching for Music Segments

  1. Play the track of your choice (either via upload of track or from the results of entering artist, title or genre) and select the portion of the track in the waveform for which you want to find something acoustically similar.The selection should be at least of 6 sec.
    Segment Selection
  2. Once the portion is selected, the results are automatically updated with similar sounding segments highlighted in blue.
    Segment Selection
  3. With the help of play and skip button, you can jump through the segmented results quickly and easily.
  4. One can always combine the upload feature and metadata feature to apply more filters to the segmented search results.